Tattoo Removal

Castle Rock’s only Q-Switched Laser

Tattoo and Blemish Removal

Tattoo removal has become a rather popular cosmetic procedure in the last few years. Patients who decided either on a whim or as an informed choice to have a tattoo realize later in life that they do not wish to have it on them anymore. Our laser doesn’t just remove tattoos. It is also able to remove many types of skin blemishes. At Castle Rock Tattoo and Laser removal we spared no expense to get the best laser that money can buy. Our Quanta Q Plus C laser sets the standard by which all other devices are measured. It is the only true three wavelength QS system on the market. It provides the most effective, comfortable, and complete tattoo and blemish removal in the industry. Don’t believe us? Check out the before and after pictures below, or even better schedule a consultation with one of our certified laser specialists and let us walk you through the process of removing that old tattoo.

What Q-Switched Laser Treats

  • Tattoos
  • Brown spots
  • Sun freckles
  • Nevus of Ota
  • Café au lait macules
  • Melasma



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