Ryan’s Pricing

$175 per hour | $100 Retainer to Schedule Appointment | $100 minimum
All other tattoo artists $150 per hour | $100 retainer to hold appt | $80 Minimum
All appointments require a retainer. the retainer holds the appointment, allows the client 72 hours to cancel or reschedule.  You can cancel or reschedule with an email or a phone call, a voice message will not apply.


Pricing  Laser Tattoo Removal

To receive a price quote on your laser removal sessions you will need
To consult with a laser specialist.  We will only quote a price in person.


Pricing hair removal, this is per treatment.


Lip or chin  $60

Lip and chin  $80

Glabella (area between eyebrows) $30

Nose or Ears  $40

Full face  $100

Bikini  $125

Brazilian  $150

Underarms  $80

Navel   $60

Upper or Lower Arms  $125

Full arm   $225

Upper or Lower Leg  $225

Full leg  $400


Fullback  $400

½ chest   $200

Full Chest $400

Shoulders $125

Neck or beard  $125

Discounts offered, inquire within.